Sunday, 17 May 2009

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Further information about the Meadows Festival can be found on the new website Meadows Festival

Friday, 6 June 2008

Edinburgh College of Art at the Meadows Festival

Art students from the illustration course at edinburgh college of art will be exhibiting some of their work.
Students exhibiting include


Friday, 30 May 2008

Health and Safety Policy

1. Any Fire Officer, Police Constable or Authorised Officer of the City of Edinburgh Council shall be permitted free access to the whole of the meadows area at any time and all reasonable directions and requirements of such officers or of the City of Edinburgh Council must be complied with.
2. Exit routes must be kept free of obstruction at all times whilst the Festival is open.
3. Wires, ropes or cables crossing any of the public areas must be out with the reach of the public, or installed to avoid any hazard to the public.
4. All Meadows Festival Association members and volunteers shall comply with all reasonable requirements of the Firemaster relating to fire precautions and safety.
5. The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and all other relevant health and
safety legislation must be complied with at all times by all Meadows Festival Association members and volunteers. To see this legislation please click on the link below
health and safety legislation
6.Satisfactory provision has been made for the collection, storage and disposal of
litter and refuse.Adequate litter bins shall be provided for use by the public and shall be distributed throughout the site. All dropped or windblown litter must be collected and the site cleared after 5pm
7. The number of persons admitted to the marquees and stalls shall be controlled to ensure there is no overcrowding or numbers in excess of the evacuation capacity of the escape routes.
8.All generators must be stored and used in accordance with Section 551 of BS:7676:2001; petrol or diesel generators and their fuel supplies must be contained in a suitable bund or containment tank which will have a 110% capacity of the fuel load.
9. Wherever possible, all electrical and fuel controls must be made inaccessible to
members of the public; failing which , there must be suitable protection in place. :all electrical installations must be certified as complying with current I.E.E.Regulations.
10.All temporary structures shall be designed, erected and maintained to suit their
intended purpose. The design should meet with the approval of the Council’sDirector of City Development.
11.Final clearances from the Firemaster and the Council’s Director of City Development will be necessary to confirm that the Meadows Festival may take place.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Policy for Child Protection

Child Protection Policy
The Meadows Festival Association is fully committed to promoting children’s rights, notably their right to be protected from harm, abuse and exploitation and to be involved in any decisions that directly affect them. The Meadows Festival Association has a duty of care to implement effective policies and procedures for safeguarding the welfare of children and young people. In order to achieve this we will ensure our Committee Members and Volunteers are carefully selected, screened, trained and supervised. We are holding a public, open access event, so cannot be responsible for everyone. We can ensure, however, that no child will come to any harm whatsoever at this event as a result of contact with, association with or neglect from any one associated with the Meadows Festival, be they volunteers, paid employees or contracted workers. The Meadows Festival Asociation will follow the following code of conduct as outlined in PoCSA module 5.

Code of Conduct of Meadows Festival Association
Meadows Festival Association volunteers, paid employees and contracted workers will:

>play their part in helping to develop an ethos where all people matter and are treated equally, and with respect and dignity.
>always put the care, welfare and safety needs of a child first.
>respect a child’s right to be involved in making choices and decisions which directly affect them.
>listen attentively to any ideas and views a child wants to share with them.
>respect a child’s culture (for example their faith and religious beliefs).
>respect a child’s right to privacy and personal space.
>respond sensitively to children who seem anxious about participating in certain activities.
>speak to their line manager immediately if they suspect that a child is experiencing bullying or harassment.
>be aware of the vulnerability of some groups of children to being isolated and hurt (for example, children with disabilities and learning difficulties; children from Gypsy & Traveller communities; Black & Minority Ethnic children).
>ensure that when they are working with children they are at least within sight or hearing of other adults.
>listen carefully to any child who ‘tells you’ (sometimes through drawings and behaviour as well as words) that they are being harmed and report what they have discovered immediately to their line manager.
>report immediately any suspicion that a child could be at risk of harm or abuse.
>never dismiss what a child tells them as ‘lies’ or exaggeration.
>only restrain a child who is at imminent risk of inflicting harm to themselves or others or is at risk of damaging property.
>never underestimate the contribution that they can make to the development of safe communities for children.

Meadows Festival Association volunteers, paid employees and contracted workers will not

>exaggerate or trivialise another worker’s concerns about a child or ignore an allegation or suspicion of abuse in the hope that it will either ‘go away’ or that ‘someone else will deal with it’.
>discuss personal issues about a child or their family with anyone other than their line manager if they are concerned about the child’s well being.
>be drawn into any derogatory remarks or gestures in front of children or young persons.
>allow a child, young person or adult to be bullied or harmed by anyone in the organisation.
>allow children to swear or use sexualised language unchallenged.

Meadows Festival Association volunteers, paid employees and contracted workers will never

never engage in sexually provocative games, including horseplay.

never allow others or themselves to touch a child in any way, particularly in a sexually provocative manner. Where any activity, such as face painting, requires contact we will ensure that there is always another MFA adult present. Where any injury has occurred requiring medical attention, the child will be immediately placed in the care of the Ambulance Association in attendance.

never make sexually suggestive comments to a child, even in fun.

never engage in rough or physical contact unless it is permitted within the rules of a game or sports activity or conforms to the guidance on appropriate physical restraint.

never form inappropriate emotional or physical relationships with children.

never harass or intimidate a child or worker because of their age, ‘race’, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, socio-economic class or disability.

never invite or allow children to stay with them at their home

The policy of the Meadows Festival Association , therefore, will be that all Committee Members and Volunteers, who meet the criteria for a disclosure, will complete an Application for Enhanced Disclosure to be submitted to the Central Registered Body in Scotland. Anyone who is Disqualified from Working with Children will be barred from Committee Membership or any Volunteer or Paid Position. Disclosure Applications will be reviewed annually.

Policy for the Recruitment of Ex-Offenders

Recruitment of Ex Offender Policy
The purpose of this policy is to ensure consistent and fair practices are implemented for the recruitment of Committee Members, Volunteers or Paid Workers, who have a criminal record, to positions within the Meadows Festival Association.
All applicants will have to fill in an application form, a self declaration form and agree to an enhanced disclosure procedure. They will have to sign the form to state that they have read and understood the Booklet giving information about the Medical Festival Association, its Codes of Conduct and Policies and that they will abide by these rules.
The Meadows Festival Association undertakes to treat all applicants for positions within the organisation fairly and not to discriminate unfairly against the subject of a disclosure on the basis of conviction or other information revealed. Having a criminal record will not necessarily de-bar an individual from working/volunteering in child care/adults at risk positions within this organisation. Only convictions or conviction information that is deemed relevant to the position applied for will result in an applicant not being granted the position.

Policy for Vulnerable Adults and People at Risk

People at Risk Policy
The Meadows Festival Association aims to ensure that any vulnerable people, whether children, young people or adults at risk, are protected and kept safe from harm, while they are with committee members and volunteers in this organisation. The Meadows Festival Association will adhere to the following Code of Conduct for Vulnerable People and Adults at Risk.

Code of Conduct

The Meadows Festival Association will never

Harm a vulnerable adult either physically or emotionally

Place a vulnerable adult in a position where they are at risk of harm

Engage a vulnerable adult in inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature

Engage a vulnerable adult in inappropriate conduct involving pornography

Give inappropriate medical treatment to a vulnerable adult.

All Committee Members, Volunteers and Paid Wokers will have to sign a declaration that they have read and have understood the meaning and implications of these Codes of Conduct and that they undertake to abide by these Codes at all times and in every way.

Furthermore we, the Meadows Festival Association, will endeavour to keep up-to-date with all national developments relating to the care and protection of children,young people and adults at risk. If necessary the Codes of Conduct and Policies will be updated.
In order to adhere to these Codes for children and adults at risk, we will ensure our Committee Members ,Volunteers and Paid Workers are carefully selected, screened, trained and supervised.
All Committee Members, Volunteers and Paid Workers will be asked to fill in a self declaration form and agree to an appropriate enhanced disclosure prior to taking up post.
All Volunteers and Paid Workers will receive induction training, which will give an overview of the Meadows Festival Association and ensure they know its purpose, values, services and structure. Training on specific areas such as health & safety procedures, identifying and reporting abuse, and confidentiality will be given as a priority to new volunteers and paid workers, and will be regularly reviewed.
All Volunteers and Workers will have a designated supervisor/line manager who will provide regular feedback and support. Every Volunteer and Worker will attend an annual review, where their performance, feedback and suggestions will be discussed. Annual reviews will be minuted and copies made available to the volunteer.
The Meadows Festival Association will ensure that all Committee Members, Volunteers and Paid Workers involved in recruitment, training and supervision, are aware of this policy and have received appropriate training and support to ensure it full implementation. A Booklet outlining the purpose, values, services and structure of the Meadows Festival Association, its Codes of Conduct and Policies will be produced for this purpose and posted on the internet websites.

Allegations of Abuse
All allegations of abuse, whether from a child, a parent, a responsible adult, an adult at risk or a carer will be treated seriously and with sympathy. However Meadows Festival Association will not enter into any discussions with the instigators of the allegation. The matter will be immediately referred to the police, who will take full responsibility for following up and investigating the incident(s) leading to the allegation of abuse.

Policy for Storage of Information

Secure Handling, Use, Storage and Retention of Disclosure Information
In accordance with the Scottish Executive Code of Practice, for registered persons and other recipients of Disclosure Information, the Meadows Festival Association will ensure the following practice.
The Meadows Festival Association will ensure that an individual’s consent is given before seeking a disclosure. Once the Collator has obtained the Disclosure Certificate, the Committee Member, Volunteer or Paid Worker will be informed. Where additional disclosure information is provided to the Meadows Festival Association and not to the disclosure applicant, this information will not be disclosed to the applicant. If asked by the applicant, the Meadows Festival Association can inform him or her that additional information has been provided, without specifying the nature of the information or where it was sourced. This information will not be shared with any other party.
The Disclosure Certificate will be stored in a locked non-portable container for 90 days. Only those authorised to see this information will have access to this container. After 90 days, the disclosure documents will be shredded. The Collator and an Additional Signatory will keep a list of the names, date of disclosure, unique disclosure numbers and recruitment decision of all those who have gone through the disclosure process. They will also keep a list of all Committee Members,Volunteers and Paid Workers who are acceptable.
The Meadows Festival Association will ensure that all staff with access to disclosure information are aware of this policy and have received relevant training and support.